Why Summer Is The Right Time For Landlords To Tackle Energy Improvements
07/06/2023 1906
Preparing Your Property for Winter - Benefits of Summer Retrofitting

Preparing Your Property for Winter - Benefits of Summer Retrofitting

With summer officially starting in a few weeks, most people will have banished all thoughts of winter and the dark, damp days that go with it.

But there’s a good reason why landlords should look beyond the sunny skies of the here and now to the colder months.

Improved Energy Efficiency for Winter

Summer is a good time to get your property ready for winter by making changes that will improve its energy efficiency and reduce heating costs. Here are three reasons why retrofitting in summer makes good sense:

1. Good Weather

Take advantage of the favorable weather conditions during summer. Builders and tradespeople can work without heavy downpours or snow, reducing the risk of mud and delays. Projects like installing solar panels, heat pumps, and replacing windows are best carried out in the warmer months.

2. Longer Days

The extended daylight hours in summer allow tradespeople to work for longer periods, enabling quicker project completion and minimizing disruption to your tenants.

3. Availability of Skilled Tradespeople

Plumbers and boiler specialists are often busier during autumn and winter when boiler breakdowns are common. To replace an aging boiler with a more environmentally friendly model, take advantage of the summer months when these professionals are more readily available.

Where to Start

Improving a home's energy efficiency depends on its age and current condition. If you're unsure or would like a second opinion, consult your letting agent for useful suggestions tailored to your property. They can also advise on the works that will add the most value if you plan to sell in the future.

Contact us at Cooke & Co Estate and Letting Agents today for more information about making your rental property more energy efficient.

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