Tenants Frequently asked Questions

Do Cooke and Co accept unemployed tenants? 

Yes. Although you will need a guarantor. You are also responsible for the rent and deposit and Cooke & Co do not accept the council bond scheme as payment for deposits. The agreement is with you and your guarantor personally for the whole time you reside at the property under the terms of a tenancy and not from whoever provides you with benefit assistance. You and your guarantor are responsible for the rent, costs and damage caused by breaches of the tenancy until you have vacated.

How long do I have to have been employed to be a tenant?

To be accepted by Cooke & Co as a tenant, you must have been in full time employment with the same company for a period of at least 6 months or more.

But I am just about to start a new job here?

Then you will need a guarantor. This is someone who has been in full time employment for 6 months or more and who knows and trusts you enough to agree to pay your rent for you if you are unable to do so i.e. a parent, friend, relative or an employer.

When is Rent Due?

Rent is usually paid per calendar month in advance. The payments shall be made to Cooke & Co. When calculating your expenses please remember to take into account all utilities you will also have to pay, on top of the rent due. Remember when calculating rent payments, you always pay for the month that you will be living at the property before that period starts so you don't get this back at the end of the tenancy.

How much Deposit do I pay?

Usually it is equal to five weeks rent but please check as every property is different. This will be held by Cooke & Co on behalf of the Landlord and is covered by the TDS scheme. Occasionally the DPS scheme may be used if we take over the management of a property or block from another agent. The purpose of the deposit is to settle any claim for dilapidation that may arise during tenancy. This deposit cannot be used by the tenant to offset any payment of rent and will be refundable only after all terms of the tenancy are met, the inventory has been checked and the condition of the property is confirmed after you have vacated the property at the end of the lease. The landlord can use the deposit against arrears and legal costs at the end of the tenancy.

Do you inspect the property and carry out Inventories?

Yes. An inventory of the contents and schedule of condition will be prepared and checked in with the tenant at the commencement of the tenancy, at this time, any defect or discrepancies should be noted on the inventory. At the termination of the tenancy the inventory will be used to determine the properties condition and a schedual of dilapidation will be prepared. There will be no charge for the inventory/termination check.

Am I responsible for services?

Yes. It is a condition of the tenancy that the gas, electricity, water and telephone service are transferred to the tenants name for the duration of the tenancy. If a telephone service is required the tenant must contact British Telecom direct. In some instances a deposit may be requested but this is your responsibility

As a tenant do I pay Council Tax?

Yes. Tenants will be responsible for the payment of Council Tax for the property they are renting and will pay this direct to the Local Authority. Tenant's must also advise the Local authority.

Do I have to take Care of the House and Garden?

Yes. It is the tenants duty to keep the property clean, tidy and secure. Damage caused by a tenant must be repaired at his/her expense. The garden has to also be kept in good order.

Do I have to have to have buildings insurance?

No.The landlord/freeholder insures the building.

Do I have to have Contents Insurance?

Yes. Cooke & Co advise that adequate insurance should be in place to cover your and the landlords fixtures and fittings against damage. We can help you with this as required and make recommendation of reputable brokers to use.

Do you inspect the property when I live there?

Yes. All properties are inspected regularly. In some cases, the landlord, may require more frequent inspections. The first inspection shall be made on the commencement of the tenancy.

Are we allowed Pets?

No. You are not allowed pets without prior permission, but there can occasionally be some exceptions which must be agreed in writing before the agreement is signed and may incur a higher rental amount than advertised.