Explanation of Landlords Fees

Cooke and Co pride ourselves in offering our landlords completely transparent, fair and reasonable fees for the excellent service we offer. We do not have hidden fees or unexpected extras and we will inform you of any fees before they are levied.

We are often contacted by landlords who have been lured to use agents who offer cheap management percentages or cheap introduction fees that seem too good to be true. When they get their first statement, if it arrives at all, they find lots of additional charges suddenly appear that are completely unexpected and it's too late to get a refund.

In the worse case scenario they don’t get the type of tenant that has been requested and the inventory,  tenancy inspections and service levels are not carried out at all often resulting in disaster. We have even found some agents do not register deposits or carry our the essential inventories at all. If this does not happen the landlord could end up paying the tenant three times the deposits value and also they cannot give the tenants notice to get their property back even if the tenant is in arrears. 

With no one to be accountable to and no set of rules to abide by these fly by night agents often cost landlords huge sums of money with no redress being available. At Cooke & Co we have clear, concise charges and fees that are competitive but easy to understand. That is why so many people recommend us to others.

Please contact our Thanet lettings office for full details. We can then send you an easy to understand agreement that is completely transparent and covers everything from service levels to all costs and fees. If you have a large portfolio of properties then we may be able to offer you a property volume discount.