Cooke & Co Sweeps British Property Awards from 2017 to 2023

Year after year, Cooke & Co's dedication to excellence and customer service has been consistently recognised at the British Property Awards, making a clean sweep from 2017 right through to 2023. The unwavering commitment and the tireless efforts of our team have led us to stand atop the winners' podium for seven consecutive years, a testament to our pursuit of customer service excellence.

Triple Triumph in 2023

With offices in Margate, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate, we've clinched customer service awards for sales at all three locations for the first time, in addition to receiving the coveted award for lettings. Damien Cooke, the driving force behind Cooke & Co, expressed his delight, "This is a significant achievement for the team who have persistently strived to deliver unparalleled service to our clients, while utilising their knowledge and training to provide informed advice. Congratulations to our dedicated staff and management team for this fantastic result."

He further expressed his admiration for the Sales and Lettings teams across all offices, "Our teams are composed of truly exceptional individuals. We aim for the highest standards in customer service, and it's wonderful to have our efforts independently validated by the British Property Awards. Our journey of success started with our first win for Margate sales in 2017, and it continues to this day with awards in 2019 for Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs, as well as the 2019 letting award for the Margate area, which serves the whole of Thanet."

Recognition from The British Property Awards

The judging panel at The British Property Awards spoke highly of our efforts, "Cooke & Co's team delivered superior performance throughout the exhaustive judging period, primarily focused on customer service. They have been shortlisted for several national awards, the results of which will be unveiled next year."

The British Property Awards provide an unparalleled opportunity for estate agents across the UK to measure their service against local, regional, and national competitors. Their award acts as a beacon to recognise exceptional customer service, creating a benchmark for all other agencies. The fact that the awards do not charge an entry fee ensures maximum participation, leading to a comprehensive and fair evaluation process.

Robert McLean from The British Property Awards praised the inclusive nature of the awards, "Our awards are designed to be accessible to all agents, ensuring maximum inclusivity. The award winners stand out not because of manipulation or bias, but purely due to their phenomenal customer service levels demonstrated over an extended period. Winners should take pride in setting a benchmark for their local, regional, and national competition."

The Judging Process

The process involves mystery shopping every estate agent against 25 criteria to obtain a holistic view of their customer service levels. This rigorous, detailed judging criteria covers different scenarios and timeframes, ensuring a fair evaluation.

With such high standards to meet, this accolade clearly showcases the best agents, and we at Cooke & Co are honoured to be recognised in this manner. Here's to another year of raising the bar in the property industry!