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Can Cooke & Co Resist Chocolate For March? Join Our Dechox Journey!
In our latest community article, released on the unique date of 29th February, Cooke & Co takes on the Dechox challenge! Discover how we're swapping chocolate for seaside walks and Margate Rock this Easter season
29/02/2024 801
Thanet's Coastal Charm: A Guide To Margate, Broadstairs, And Ramsgate's Spacious Homes
Enjoy a brief tea break read on Thanet's spacious homes in Margate, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate. For more details, contact Cooke & Co, the local property experts.
28/02/2024 1139
Landlord Lifesavers: 5 Key Strategies For Thanet Rentals In 2024 🏠🔑
Revolutionise your rental management in 2024 with our top five landlord tips! 🏠 Discover how to enhance efficiency and profitability in your Thanet properties. Click here for further details and expert guidance from Cooke & Co
26/12/2023 1182
Thanet Home Makeover 2024: Achieve Your Dream Home Goals! 🏡✨
🌟 New Year, New Home: In our latest quick read, Discover how to set achievable property goals in Thanet for 2024! From upsizing to downsizing, get expert tips to make your dream home a reality. Click here for further details and start planning your property journey with Cooke & Co.
25/12/2023 1140
Seven Clever Christmas Tips For A Happy Family
In our latest quick read/short we give you a 7 tips for keeping the family happy over the Christmas period. Click on the article to read
14/12/2023 1340
Cooke & Co's Thoughts On Chancellor Hunt's Autumn Statement And The Thanet Housing Market
In our latest short read, we discuss Chancellor Jeremy Hunts Autumn statement that brings some notable developments for the housing market in the vibrant seaside region of Thanet,
24/11/2023 1507