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Thanet's Mortgage Rate Drop: A Beacon Of Opportunity In 2024'S Housing Market
Discover how Thanet's unexpected mortgage rate decrease is reshaping the local housing scene, offering a silver lining for homeowners, landlords, and first-time buyers alike. This blog examines the impact of these financial shifts, revealing the potential for savings, increased affordability, and revitalized market activity in the vibrant coastal communities of Margate, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate.
26/02/2024 685
Implications Of Steady Interest Rates For Thanet Homeowners
We give our views on what stabilised mortgage rates mean to Thanet Owners. Read more below.
02/11/2023 1250
What Recent News Means For Thanet Home Movers. Are We Heading For Disaster?
Crisis. Turmoil. Unprecedented. These were words rarely used pre-pandemic. Now they’ve become staples of our nation’s news coverage. And this week, they have been used more than ever to report on the economic waves caused by the Chancellor’s mini-budget last week.
29/09/2022 1914
Will The Margate Property Market To Crash In 2022?
• According to some newspapers and pundits, the property market boom could soon be over with the increasing interest rates and inflation. • In this article, I share the 3 fundamental economic reasons why things are different to the last property market crash. • The insider’s way to find out if there will be a property crash. • … and 4 reasons why buy-to-let landlords are coming back into the Margate rental market to protect their wealth and hedge against inflation.
12/05/2022 2303