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Tea Break Treasure: When's The Best Time To Buy Or Sell In Thanet? ☕🏡
Grab your cuppa and explore the optimal times to engage with the Thanet property market. Our analysis of over 5 million home sales reveals subtle yet crucial trends. Is now your moment? Find out with Cooke & Co Estate and Letting Agents!
16/04/2024 501
Expect The Unexpected: Navigating Unusual Buyer Queries When Selling Your Thanet Home
When selling your Thanet home, brace yourself for both the typical and the unexpected buyer questions. From land history to broadband speeds, being prepared can significantly sway potential buyers. Dive into the less-asked yet crucial queries.
30/03/2024 602
Spring Surge 2024: Thanet's Property Market Continues To Blossom!
As we approach mid-March, Spring 2024 is nearly here, and with it, the continued surge in Thanet's property market. Stay ahead with our insights on what to expect next.
15/03/2024 654
House Sales Up 14.8% On 2023 As Mortgage Rates Fall
Yet is it a sellers’ market in Thanet? The number of agreed UK property sales until the last Sunday of January (28th) is 8.35% higher than a year ago. Tumbling mortgage costs have encouraged buyers and sellers to return to the property market. There is a more buoyant picture for the UK property market in the first four weeks of January 2024 compared with the same first four weeks in 2023. We are sure 2024 will be a great year for selling.
08/02/2024 975
Experts Stunned: The Unexpected Survival Of Thanet's Property Market In 2023!
Dive into the surprising tale of Thanet's property market in 2023, defying all crash predictions! Explore the intriguing factors that kept house prices afloat against expert forecasts of a dramatic fall. Discover the unique resilience of Thanet's housing sector in our detailed market analysis!
06/01/2024 1244
Thanet Property Shock: 2024 Market Dip & Your Home Sale Strategy Unveiled!
🚨 Thanet Property Alert: How will the 38.5% saleability drop affect your home selling plans in 2024? Discover expert strategies and insights in our latest video. 🏠🔍 Click here for further details on navigating the Thanet property market with confidence!
02/01/2024 1214
Margate Market Mastery: Price Right In 2024 For Estate Agency Success!
Christmas 2023 is over so its now onto the serious task of discusing your property sale in 2024. In this comprehensive article, we explore the dynamic property market in Thanet, offering in-depth analysis of current trends, price movements, and future predictions. Our expert insights delve into the unique aspects of Thanet's real estate landscape, highlighting opportunities for buyers, sellers, and investors. Discover the factors driving the local market and how they compare with national trends. For more detailed information and expert analysis, read more below.
28/12/2023 1368
The Thanet Property Market November 2023
An idea about what the Thanet market is like and the importance of realistic pricing (if you want to sell)
17/11/2023 1182
The Resurgence Of Ramsgate's Semi-Detached Houses...607% Price Surge In 28 Years
Our latest detailed article about Ramsgate’s semi-detached houses and how they have performed over the years together with why they are so popular with Thanet people, and why they will continue to be in the future. If you are a Ramsgate homeowner or landlord and interested in Semi-Detached home in Thanet, we would love you to read our article
02/11/2023 1154
Implications Of Steady Interest Rates For Thanet Homeowners
We give our views on what stabilised mortgage rates mean to Thanet Owners. Read more below.
02/11/2023 1312