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Revolutionise Your Rental: Smart Strategies To Eliminate Void Periods For Thanet Landlords
Thanet landlords, transform your rental strategy with insider tips to eliminate void periods. Discover how continuous maintenance, proactive relationships, and expert advice can secure your income and maximize your property's potential.
03/04/2024 441
5 Deal-Breakers That Could Tank Your Thanet Home Sale & How To Dodge Them!
Navigating the Thanet property market? Stay ahead with these insider tips on avoiding common pitfalls that could derail your home sale. From financial hiccups to chain collapses, learn how to steer clear for a smooth transaction.
31/03/2024 550
Expect The Unexpected: Navigating Unusual Buyer Queries When Selling Your Thanet Home
When selling your Thanet home, brace yourself for both the typical and the unexpected buyer questions. From land history to broadband speeds, being prepared can significantly sway potential buyers. Dive into the less-asked yet crucial queries.
30/03/2024 526
Landlords, Beware The Drip: Preventing Water Damage In Your Thanet Rental
Discover the leading cause of landlord insurance claims and how to avert it in your Thanet rental. From burst pipes to leaky taps, learn proactive measures to protect your property from water damage and ensure your investment remains secure.
28/03/2024 487
Uncovered: The Secret To Ethical Home Selling In Thanet!
Discover why Cooke & Co is revolutionising Thanet's real estate scene! With unmatched ethical standards and a commitment to transparency, find out how they're setting a new benchmark for integrity in property transactions.
27/03/2024 490
Helping You Navigate Suddenly Inherited A Tenanted Property In Thanet
Inheriting a tenanted property in Thanet opens a realm of possibilities. From continuing as a landlord to selling for profit, understand your options and the implications of each choice. Cooke & Co's expert insights ensure you're well-equipped for the journey ahead.
25/03/2024 565
Thanet's Property Puzzle: Unraveling The 7 Year 13 Week Itch For Homeowners
Dive into the intriguing dynamics of Thanet's housing market with our in-depth analysis. Discover why some Thanet homeowners are moving quicker than the national average, while others hold onto their homes for decades. We dissect the factors contributing to this two-speed property market, from the rapid movers to those with a deep-rooted connection to their homes. Join us as we explore the implications for both young families eager to climb the property ladder and the older generation considering downsizing.
17/03/2024 618
Unlocking Mortgage Freedom In Thanet: A Simple Guide To Dropping A Name From Your Joint Mortgage
Discover the essential steps for Thanet homeowners to achieve mortgage independence. This guide simplifies the process of removing a name from a joint mortgage, navigating the legal and financial complexities with ease.
10/01/2024 892
Tis Is For Thanet Landlords – Show Your Tenants You Care This Christmas
Landlords are often portrayed as Grinch-like characters. Devoid of fun, lacking humanity, and relentlessly greedy. In our experience, working with dozens of landlords across Thanet, this Scrooge stereotype simply isn’t true. In fact, we often get contacted by generous landlords seeking ideas to spread a little Christmas cheer to their tenants. Find out more below in our latest December lettings article.
16/12/2023 913
How To Beat Loneliness If You Live In Thanet
When we’re young, making friends is easy. The whole class gets invited to your birthday party, you play a game of hide and seek, and you’re all BFFs for the next few days. Social interactions are less pressured and more fun, but as we get older, making new friends can sometimes feel impossible and this becomes stressful especially at Christmas time.  In this quick read, we look at possible ways to meet new people.
03/12/2023 1281