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Thanet Property Market Soars: Unbelievable Surge In Home Sales – Find Out Why
Discover the exciting growth in Thanet's property market with a 16.6% increase in home sales! Cooke and Co shares how this booming trend benefits homeowners, landlords, and buyers. Learn more and make informed decisions with our expert guidance.
23/06/2024 86
Revealed: The Untold Story Of Thanet's Property Market In Q1 2024 – What The Headlines Aren't Telling You
Unveil the true narrative of Thanet's property market in Q1 2024, as we debunk widespread myths and bring you the real data. From bustling new listings to unexpected sales trends, get ready for an eye-opening journey into the heart of Thanet's housing scene.
12/04/2024 483
Thanet's Property Beat: Decoding The Latest £/Sq.Ft Trends That Everyone Should Know!
In this short teadbreak read dive into the latest pulse of Thanet's property market with our monthly £/sq.ft breakdown. Uncover what the current figures reveal about our community's real estate rhythm and how it impacts homeowners and landlords alike.
11/04/2024 420
Unraveling The Margate Property Market: Discover The Secrets Of Home Saleability!
Ever wondered what sets apart those Margate properties that sell like hotcakes? Let's explore the interesting world of the Margatte property market, where the price range holds the key to a successful sale. Discover how different price segments influence property saleability and what factors make your home stand out. Curious? Read below to unravel the insider knowledge!
07/07/2023 1426
Ramsgate Starter Homes Are 42.9% Cheaper Today Than In 1989
Even though the average value of a Ramsgate first-time buyer property has risen by 314.6% since 1989 to £280,940, the monthly payments Ramsgate first-time buyers must make on their mortgages as a proportion of their take-home pay is 42.9% less today compared to 1989. Today, according to the Nationwide Building Society…
09/07/2022 1898
The Shifting Margate Property Market
The Margate property market is on the verge of a ‘tipping point’. The rate of house price growth has started to ease with a reduction in the number of properties that will sell in Margate in the coming 12 to 18 months. Yet, rising interest rates and the cost-of-living issues won't knock everybody out of the property market and there shouldn't be a housing bubble for two vital reasons.
15/06/2022 1437