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The Rise Of Bungalows In The Thanet Property Market
During the pandemic, the property market experienced a surge in demand for larger Thanet homes with spacious gardens. However, the tides are shifting, and a new trend is emerging. The combination of an ageing Thanet population, the post-Covid trend for early retirement and economic uncertainty has sparked a newfound love for downsizing.nd surprisingly it is the bungalow, often overlooked in favour of more glamorous options, that is now left, right and most certainly centre in the spotlight. Read more here from Damien Cooke.
16/07/2023 1439
Live In Broadstairs And Thinking Of Buying A Property In 2022?
Buying your next property is all about finding a Broadstairs property with the features that match your requirements. However, what might be important to you as a homebuyer, might not be as important to other Broadstairs homebuyers or tenants.
12/01/2022 1806