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Top Tunes To Fuel Your Move: Ultimate Playlist For Moving Home In Thanet!
Make your home move in Thanet enjoyable with our ultimate playlist! Celebrating World Music Day, we've curated top tunes to keep you motivated and excited during the move. From M People to The Beatles, these songs will make your moving day unforgettable.
21/06/2024 102
Through Young Eyes: Olivia's Heartwarming Take On Family Moving Day
Ever wondered what goes through a child's mind during a home move? Our latest blog post features the delightful and insightful musings of six-year-old Olivia, offering a fresh perspective on family relocations. Discover how the magic and curiosity of a child can transform the moving experience into an adventure filled with joy and wonder. Click to read.
04/01/2024 1052
50% Of Thanet House Sellers In 2022 Had Only Been In Their Old Home On Average 4 Years And 27 Weeks
How often do Thanet people move home? Well, it’s a lot less than the 1980’s! Yet, new research shows there is now a two-speed Thanet property market, with the younger generation moving only after a few years, and the older generation in Thanet staying in their homes for decades. In this article, I discuss the implications behind this and how both Thanet homebuyers and house sellers can adopt and adapt to this.
14/02/2023 1489
The Ultimate Thanet Moving Guide
There’s no doubt about it, moving home is one of the most stressful life events you can go through. As you wade through boxes, try to settle the kids, hunt for the toaster, and pay off all the moving bills, you’ll probably be trying not to scream and lose your cool. So, what’s the solution? Can you make a house move less hectic for all those involved? We think so. Here’s our ultimate moving checklist. You can thank us later.
13/09/2022 1469
Eight Reasons Why People Move – Tips For Thanet Sellers
A two-minute read on what prompts people to sell up and buy elsewhere.
07/10/2021 1457
Why Are More Ramsgate OAP Homeowners Deciding Not To Move Home?
A recent report by Legal & General stated that, since the pandemic, many older homeowners had put their plans to move home 'on ice'. It said that fewer OAP homeowners are planning to downsize from their large family homes after the pandemic made them realise the actual value of their local community and space.
13/09/2021 2500