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Tea Break UK Property Trends: Surprising 2024 Insights Vs 2023 Data - A Must-Read For Home Buyers!
Discover key insights into the UK housing market with Cooke & Co Estate Agents. Based in Thanet, South East, this quick tea-break read contrasts 2023 and 2024 property stats. Perfect for understanding the evolving market landscape
18/04/2024 569
Thanet's Unprecedented £5.08 Billion Legacy: Navigating Through The Generational Wealth Maze
As spring 2024 unfolds, Thanet faces a £5.08 billion Baby Boomer inheritance. But with Gen X and Millennials at the crossroads, can this windfall address their housing and retirement dreams amidst rising healthcare costs?
04/04/2024 728
What Thanet Landlords Need To Know About Void Periods
Success as a landlord doesn’t just centre around what you do when your property is tenanted. How you manage your rental when it’s empty is also crucial.
18/04/2023 2316