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Will Building A Granny Annex Solve The Housing Crisis In Margate
Could the humble ‘granny annex’ help solve the Margate housing crisis for mature homeowners? With more larger Margate properties coming up for sale in the last few months, yet so few bungalows to buy, click on the link to read this article and find out why the annex could be a solution
27/10/2022 12:00 AM 941
70% Drop In Margate Council Houses In The Last 40 Years
• In 1981, 17.2% of properties in Margate (and the Thanet District as a whole) were council houses. Today, that figure stands at 5.1%, a proportional drop of 70%. • Why has the number of council houses dropped so much in those 40 years? • How has that changed the dynamics of the Margate property market in those 40 years?
08/04/2022 12:00 AM 923