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Merry & Bright – The Magic Of Christmas Thanet Lights
What do Oxford Street in London’s West End, Salerno in Italy and Dyker Heights in Brooklyn have in common, find out more in our latest article?
21/12/2023 938
Celebrating With Song: The Heartwarming Cooke & Co Christmas Carol
Join us for the premiere of 'Cooke & Co Christmas Carol', a melodious tribute to our communities in Margate, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate. This festive season, we're replacing cards with our unique carol and supporting a local charity. Embrace the holiday spirit with our team as we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2024
12/12/2023 2114
Embarking On The Thanet Landlord Journey
Landlord Journey in Thanet: Navigating buy-to-let investments, balancing rental income, and market trends for smart property management. Read more below
05/12/2023 1110
Fun Ways To Enjoy A Firework-Free Bonfire Night In Thanet
In this community interest article, we look at ways to have fun on Bonfire Night that don’t involve fireworks.
05/11/2023 1905
Should You List Your Thanet Home Before Hunting For A New One?
If your dreams of buying a new home are tied to the sale of your existing property, you have a crucial decision to make. Should you list your property first or hunt for a new one before listing? Here are four compelling reasons to consider listing first.
05/10/2023 1011
Thanets’S Property Market Pulse: Deciphering The Latter Half Of 2023
Unlock the rhythms of Thanets's property market as we journey into Q4 of 2023. Dive into a deep analysis of trends, market dynamics, and predictions, tailored especially for Thanet homeowners and landlords. Whether buying or selling, this is your must-read guide to staying ahead in the property game. Ready to decode the market?
09/09/2023 1270
10 Top Tips To Selling Your Thanet Home When Separating Or Divorcing
Separation or divorce can be a challenging time, and one of the key decisions you may face is selling your shared home. In this article, we, as a leading Thanet estate agency, will provide you with valuable insights and expert advice on how to navigate the process smoothly.
08/08/2023 1591
Seaside Serenade: A Poem About Thanet Purchasers
With an artistic twist and a fresh vision anew, Let's weave a poem about buying or selling a home in Thanet, just for you. In the beautiful Kent, where sea's tales come true, Discover the adventure of a lifetime that awaits you.
05/07/2023 2072
How Do I Know If I Am A Good Parent?
Estate agents and parents share many common things in their roles and responsibilities, despite operating in different. Both involve guiding and supporting individuals through significant life decisions. Find out more in the following article.
30/06/2023 1465
Broadstairs Property Trends Unveiled: What's Changing?
The Broadstairs property market is undergoing a fascinating transformation! Discover the subtle yet significant shifts in property preferences over the past two years compared to the long-term average. From the decline of detached houses to the rise of apartments, this article reveals the changing face of Broadstairs homeownership. Don't miss out on understanding the evolving property landscape. Click to see our full article.
14/06/2023 1773