Unlock The Power Of Feng Shui: A Guide To Harmonious Living In Thanet
25/04/2023 2050
Feng Shui practice with a decorated living room

The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui is more than just arranging furniture, it's a guide for harmonious living that's been used for over 4,000 years. Even celebrities like Bill Gates, Madonna, and George Clooney use it in their homes and workplaces. So, could feng shui work for you? Here's what you need to know.

Feng shui is about balancing nature's key elements - fire, water, metal, earth, and wood - in your surroundings. You can use indoor plants, mirrors, warm lighting, colors, and textures to create the desired effect. But it's not just about decoration; feng shui is also about energy flow or qi. That's why decluttering is so important - it helps the energy move freely.

Here are some basic feng shui rules to follow:
  • The front door is the main portal, so it must be clean and clear of obstruction.
  • The kitchen is a source of nourishment, so it must be spotlessly clean.
  • When arranging seating, chairs should face each other to facilitate communication.
  • In the bathroom, the toilet lid should be kept down to prevent prosperity going down the drain.
  • Indoor plants are good as they represent improved productivity and cash flow.
  • A small cat or frog ornament on your desk will bring you prosperity and luck.
If you're skeptical, remember that many big corporations like Coca-Cola and Nike use feng shui in their headquarters to boost productivity. So why not give it a try and see if it works for you?

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