Tea Time Trends: Thanet's Monthly Property Digest
29/02/2024 1005
Thanet Property Market Update | Cooke & Co

The Pulse of the Thanet Property Market

margates prices Feb 24

Ramsgate February 2024 prices

Broadstairs Prices

Monthly £/sq.ft Statistics Brought to You by Cooke & Co

Welcome back to the pulse of the Thanet property market, where each week we bring you different local property market trends. This week we are back with the monthly £/sq.ft statistics.

Current Property Market Rates

The average property presently on the market in Thanet shows distinct figures for each area:

  • Margate: £316 per square foot
  • Broadstairs: £400 per square foot
  • Ramsgate: £306 per square foot

Understanding Market Dynamics

It's important to note that these changes don't necessarily indicate a shift in house prices but rather the mix of properties for sale, thus changing the £/sq.ft figure. This snapshot is crucial for Thanet homeowners and landlords; it's not just a number but a story of our community's property market.

Stay Informed with Cooke & Co

Are you keen to know how your property aligns with these trends? At Cooke & Co, we invite you to a candid chat about your property's potential value – no strings attached. Stay informed, stay ahead, and stay connected with the Thanet property market rhythm.

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