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Thanet Property Market Soars: Unbelievable Surge In Home Sales – Find Out Why
Discover the exciting growth in Thanet's property market with a 16.6% increase in home sales! Cooke and Co shares how this booming trend benefits homeowners, landlords, and buyers. Learn more and make informed decisions with our expert guidance.
23/06/2024 344
Why Hasn't The Thanet Property Market Crashed? Find Out Now! 🏡📉
Discover why the Thanet property market remains stable despite economic challenges. Learn about improved lending practices, wage growth, and market dynamics that have kept house prices steady. Essential insights for homeowners, landlords, and buyers in this comprehensive analysis.
14/06/2024 209
Margate Property Showdown: 2-Bed Vs. 3-Bed Homes - Which Sells Faster In 2024?
Explore the latest trends in the Margate property market! Discover which types of homes—2-bedroom or 3-bedroom—are selling faster in 2024, providing essential insights for homeowners and investors looking to make informed decisions in Thanet.
17/04/2024 603
Thanet's Property Puzzle: Unraveling The 7 Year 13 Week Itch For Homeowners
Dive into the intriguing dynamics of Thanet's housing market with our in-depth analysis. Discover why some Thanet homeowners are moving quicker than the national average, while others hold onto their homes for decades. We dissect the factors contributing to this two-speed property market, from the rapid movers to those with a deep-rooted connection to their homes. Join us as we explore the implications for both young families eager to climb the property ladder and the older generation considering downsizing.
17/03/2024 755
Tea Time Trends: Thanet's Monthly Property Digest
Pour yourself a cup and settle in for our monthly rendezvous, where we decode Thanet's property pulse with the latest £/sq.ft figures, brought to you by Cooke & Co.
29/02/2024 1076
Thanet's Property Pulse: A Snapshot Of The Last 12 Months In The Property Market
Have you ever been curious about the dynamics of Thanet's property market over the past year? Our latest graphic provides just that – a straightforward and clear perspective on the average price paid for homes in Thanet during the last twelve months.
12/01/2024 996
🔥 Attention Thanet Landlords! Seize The Opportunity In The Booming Rental Market! 🏡📈
✨ From national and regional trends to Thanet's very own Rental Revolution, now's the time to act! Soaring demand meets limited supply in a market full of opportunities. Discover how savvy landlords and tenants in Thanet are thriving despite challenges. Ready to seize the opportunity? Dive into all the key facts and data right here! 👇
20/10/2023 1298
Buying A Margate Home Is Still £1,131 A Year Cheaper Than Renting
Breaking News: Why Margate First-Time Homebuyers Shouldn't Fear Rising Interest Rates - Find out how you can still save money by buying your first Margate home instead of renting. Click on the link here to read more
28/03/2023 1792
Unveiling The Secrets Of Ramsgate's Housing Market: Insights From The 2021 Census
In this article I unveil some of the hidden secrets of Ramsgate's Housing Market with insights from the 2021 Census. So, if you live in Ramsgate, Kent whether you a tenant, homeowner or landlord, read the article here to find out some fascinating info on Ramsgate.
20/03/2023 2060
Ramsgate Rental Homes Nightmare
• Ramsgate needs 165 additional private rented properties per year to keep up with current and future demand from Ramsgate tenants. • Yet over the last 5 years, Ramsgate has lost 316 private rented homes. • What are the 5 reasons the supply of private rental properties in Ramsgate are falling? What does this mean for tenants and landlords in Ramsgate?
06/05/2022 1837