Low-Cost Ways To Have Family Fun In Thanet This Easter
08/04/2023 1830

Organise a treasure hunt 


Take the traditional Easter egg search to the next level by preparing a treasure hunt. Hide clues around your home and encourage your child to play detective. Each clue should direct your child to a new location, where they’ll have to search for the next clue. You can make the clues as simple or complicated as you want, depending on the age of your children. Of course, the final clue should lead them to ‘treasure’ – a stash of Easter eggs.




More than 1,100 Parkrun events occur nationwide every Saturday at 9am. Why not try the one nearest to you? Anyone over the age of four can run or walk the 5km course, although those under 11 must stay close to a parent or guardian. If 5km seems like a bit of a stretch, try Junior Parkrun – a 2km event for kids four to 14 that takes place on Sundays at 9am. To find your local race, visit https://www.parkrun.org.uk/


Wildlife photography session


Head to your local park or woodland and give your child a mission: to photograph what they see on their walk, be it flowers, birds, insects or trees. Encourage your child to experiment by taking close-ups and landscape shots. When you get home, sit with your child and go through the photographs they’ve taken. Print out the best pictures and put them on display, or create a collage to remember your special day out in nature.


Make a piñata

It’s always wise to plan a few craft activities in case the weather turns sour. To make an Easter egg piñata, start by blowing up a balloon and covering it with papier-mâché. Leave it to dry for 24 hours, then cut a small hole at the top. Add your Easter treats and a handle to hang your piñata. Tape over the hole and decorate the balloon with colourful tissue paper so your creation looks like a giant Easter egg. Then it’s time to hang your handiwork, grab a stick and blindfold and let the fun begin!

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