Eight-Step Guide To Preparing Your Thanet Home For Sale
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Whatever your goal, the best way to turn your dream into reality is to secure a good price for your current home. And to help you achieve this, we’ve put together a checklist for preparing a property for sale.



If you’ve accumulated lots of ‘stuff’ over the years, now’s the time for a ruthless declutter. Piles of junk and bric-a-brac are a major turn-off for buyers, so give each room in your property a clear-out.


Instruct an agent

Arrange for three agents to value your property. Don’t automatically go with the agent offering the highest valuation (they could be plucking a figure out of the air to secure the instruction). Choose the agent with the best track record and who is giving you a fair but realistic valuation.


Minor repairs

Once you’ve chosen your agent, chat with them about the best way to market the property. They can advise you about any minor repairs that will give the property a lift. Fix any wonky cupboard doors, creaky floorboards and broken tiles and give tired walls a fresh lick of paint.


Spruce up the garden

Don’t forget to tidy up outdoor spaces (front and back). A neat front garden will create a good first impression, and a tidy courtyard or back garden could help you clinch the deal. Trim back hedges and plants and check that fences are in good repair.


Remove personal items

Buyers often feel uncomfortable if personal items such as family photos, trinkets and certificates are on display. Remove these items from view until the sale is completed.


Get cleaning

Make an effort to ensure your property is sparkling clean from top to bottom – it really does help to create a positive impact with buyers.


Dress each room

Make sure it’s clear what purpose each room in the property serves. For example, a bedroom should have a bed in it (not piles of gym equipment and sporting items).


Get rid of odours

Before viewings start, eliminate the smell of pets, damp, rubbish or cigarette smoke. Use scented candles or flowers to create a pleasant aroma in your home.


Once you’ve followed these steps, let the viewings begin! Your agent will handle them for you and keep you updated on progress.


If you’re thinking of marketing your home, contact us here at Cooke & Co Estate and Letting Agents for a valuation.


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