BREAKING NEWS: Thanet Landlords And The Renters' Reform Bill
08/05/2023 2326
!DOCTYPE html> Breaking News: Thanet Landlords and The Renters' Reform Bill

Breaking News: Thanet Landlords and The Renters' Reform Bill

Renters' Reform Bill to Be Presented in Parliament

The Renters' Reform Bill is set to be published and presented in Parliament in the coming week, according to Housing Secretary Michael Gove. Gove stated in an interview with Sky News that the new legislation will alter the dynamics between landlords and tenants.

Tenant and Landlord Rights and Protections

This will provide tenants with enhanced protection against indiscriminate rent increases, protection against sub-standard rental properties and ‘no fault’ evictions. For landlords, it will give them greater powers to evict tenants who are anti-social or have arrears.

Key Reforms in the Renters' Reform Bill

  1. The elimination of ‘no fault’ Section 21 eviction powers for landlords
  2. A potential strengthening of Section 8 eviction powers
  3. The likely introduction of a mandatory landlord register
  4. Tenants will probably have to give more notice to leave their property
  5. Implementation of a Decent Homes Standard for private housing like the one in place for social housing providers

A Long-Awaited Bill Finally Making Progress

The Bill was initially proposed in 2019, and the Government has faced substantial criticism from activist groups for the delayed introduction to Parliament. The specific details within the Bill will clarify which measures can be promptly enacted into law and which will require primary legislation, a process that typically takes up to a year to complete in Parliament.

Implications for Thanet Landlords

At Cooke & Co Estate and Letting Agents, we have spoken about this new legislation a number of times in our articles on the Thanet property market. We do not believe most Thanet landlords have much to concern themselves with about this new proposed legislation. This legislation is designed to hurt the small minority of bad landlords, with sub-standard homes, who treat their tenants without care or consideration or ride roughshod over the existing 170+ laws and regulations landlords (and their agents) need to adhere to.

Contact Cooke & Co for More Information

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact Damien Cooke on 01843 231833.

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