Empire Of Light Trailer Released
24/08/2022 1429

The trailer for the amazing movie Empire of Light – filmed in Margate between the end of February and end of May this year – has been released.

The film, a love story based in the 1980s, will have its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival on September 8-18.

The European premiere will be at the BFI London Film Festival from October 5-16 and the film is due to be released in the UK via Searchlight on January 13 2023.

It was previously revealed that the US release will be on December 9 this year.

Read the full article here courtesy of the Isle of Thanet News.

Picture courtesy of Hollywood Reporter 

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24/08/2022 17:46:28
Fantastic! This trailer is amazing and what a brilliant thing for the local area! Very insightful
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