A Teen’S Take On Moving: What Thanet Homeowners Should Know
This sales article looks at what’s on teenagers’ minds when faced with moving home.
18/11/2023 12:00 AM 335
The Thanet Property Market November 2023
An idea about what the Thanet market is like and the importance of realistic pricing (if you want to sell)
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Mastering The Art Of Property Negotiation: A Thanet Estate Agent's Insight
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Navigating Todays Thanet Housing Market: Expertise Matters!
Our latest sales article sales piece explains how the expertise and experience of an agent are crucial in a tougher market.
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Thanet's Social Housing Landscape: A Comprehensive Heatmap Analysis
This article aims to explore Thanet's social housing distribution, highlighting both local authority and housing association homes. Through the innovative use of heatmaps, we offer an insightful visual breakdown of social housing across the main towns in Thanet, as well as the district as a whole.
13/11/2023 12:00 AM 345
Let’S Stamp Out Bullying In Thanet
To tie in with Anti-Bullying Week, this week’s community interest article looks at the signs of bullying and the importance of speaking up. It can happen face to face or online, at work, school or in the community. But whatever form it takes and wherever it occurs, there’s no excuse for bullying. As this week is Anti-Bullying Week, let’s look at how widespread bullying is, the signs to look out for and how best to deal with it.
12/11/2023 12:00 AM 384
A £25,000 Oversight: Learn From A Landlords Insurance Mistake
Our latest lettings article is a cautionary tale about making sure landlords have the correct insurance down to the smallest details. Find out more in our latest article.
08/11/2023 12:00 AM 458
1 In 3.8 Thanet Homes Are In The Private Rented Sector
The Resilient Growth of Thanet’s Private Rented Sector with a Decade of Opportunities Amid Challenges. As Thanet strides into the future, the burgeoning private rented sector has continued to house many of its residents. Find out more in our latest article.
06/11/2023 12:00 AM 555
Six Must-Ask Questions For Couples Buying A Property Together In Thanet
Today’s sales article looks at the important things couples should discuss before they start their property search.
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Fun Ways To Enjoy A Firework-Free Bonfire Night In Thanet
In this community interest article, we look at ways to have fun on Bonfire Night that don’t involve fireworks.
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