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Unbelievable Marathon Madness: See London's Most Outrageous Race Outfits & Records!
Discover the quirkiest sights from the London Marathon, featuring bizarre costumes and record-setting stunts. From handcuffed racers to multitasking marvels, dive into Britain's maddest marathon moments that mix fun with philanthropy.
19/04/2024 534
Transform Thanet: Unleash Your Inner Hero With Just One Small Step! 🦸‍♂️✨
Dive into the heart of Thanet’s community spirit! Discover the profound impact volunteering can have, not just on others, but on you too. It’s time to bridge the gap, connect deeper, and become a local hero. Join the movement now!
14/04/2024 590
Robots In Residence: Cooke & Co's AI Overhaul Leaves Customers Amazed
In an audacious twist of estate agency innovation, Cooke & Co. has embarked on a robotic revolution, swapping out their human staff for AI counterparts equipped with a rather unique feature: the ability to emit the soothing scents of fresh coffee and baked bread from their hands. Is this the future of real estate, or has Cooke & Co. brewed up a storm in a teacup?
01/04/2024 521
10 Unbelievable Easter Traditions From Around The Globe - #7 Will Shock You!
Think Easter is all about chocolate eggs and bunny hops? Think again! From witches in Finland to crime fiction in Norway, we're diving into the most unexpected Easter traditions across the globe. Prepare to be amazed!
29/03/2024 516
Unlock Seaside Living Secrets With Cooke & Co: Thanet's Property Pioneers!
In our latest teatime short rear and stat fest . Embark on a seaside living adventure with Cooke & Co, the heart of property expertise in Thanet and the South East for 30+ years. Discover the allure of coastal homes, where the charm of Thanet blends with competitive rents, offering an idyllic escape from the city's hustle
25/03/2024 585
Join The Fight Against Food Waste: Top Tips For Thanet Households
As Food Waste Action Week approaches, Thanet households have a golden opportunity to lead the way in sustainability. Discover seven essential tips to dramatically reduce food wastage, save money, and protect our planet—one meal at a time
18/03/2024 585
Shocking Confessions: The Epic Fails Of TV's Property Titans Unveiled!
Unearth the jaw-dropping blunders of TV's most adored property moguls! From Phil Spencer's overconfidence to Sarah Beeny's DIY disaster, discover how even the elites falter in the property game
27/02/2024 870
Transform Thanet With Kindness: Unleash The Power Of Generosity This Weekend
Join the movement this Random Acts of Kindness Day! Discover six simple ways to weave joy and unity into the fabric of Thanet, turning everyday moments into extraordinary acts of warmth.
17/02/2024 912
Unlocking Mortgage Freedom In Thanet: A Simple Guide To Dropping A Name From Your Joint Mortgage
Discover the essential steps for Thanet homeowners to achieve mortgage independence. This guide simplifies the process of removing a name from a joint mortgage, navigating the legal and financial complexities with ease.
10/01/2024 1048
2024 Thanet Home Style Forecast: Embracing New Interior Design Trends
Dive into the upcoming interior design trends set to revitalize Thanet homes in 2024. From the resurgence of earthy tones and the versatility of lava stone to the innovative 'dopamine décor', this article offers a plethora of inspiration for those eager to refresh their living spaces. For guidance on finding a new property to showcase these trends, turn to the expertise of Cooke and Co Estate and Letting Agents.
08/01/2024 1153