Why Sellers In Thanet Should Target First-Time Buyers
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The Benefits of Selling to First-Time Buyers

The Benefits of Selling to First-Time Buyers

They might not have the instant allure of a cash buyer, but dig a little deeper, and it quickly becomes clear that first-time buyers (FTBs) have an awful lot going for them.

Why Choose First-Time Buyers?

First-time buyers can be the ideal option when it comes to finding a buyer for your property. Let's explore the advantages of dealing with FTBs and how to make your marketing appealing to them.

No Chain

Cash buyers aren't the only ones who are chain-free. FTBs are likely to be renting or living with family, so they won't have to find a buyer for an existing property. Selling to them can simplify the process and facilitate a quicker transaction.


FTBs who are living with parents or saving for a deposit are eager to have a place of their own. Renters are motivated to say goodbye to high monthly rent bills. Tap into their motivation when marketing your property.


Most FTBs have been saving for a long time and are dedicated to their home-buying journey. Expect quick responses to queries and information requests as they focus on making their deal happen.

How to Attract First-Time Buyers

Here are some strategies to attract first-time buyers:

Choose the Right Agent

Work with an agent who has a sophisticated social media strategy, including property sneak peeks, video tours, and more. Utilize various channels beyond property portals to reach FTBs.

Good Presentation

Since most FTBs spend time online, focus on high-quality property imagery. Opt for well-curated, light, and bright images that resonate with their preferences.

Pricing Strategy

Set a realistic asking price, considering that most FTBs have limited flexibility due to mortgage affordability. Avoid over-valuing your property, as it may deter FTBs from considering it.

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