Not Bothered About Tenant Reference Checks? Think Again
04/09/2022 1505

1)    Doing it themselves

A reference not only looks at whether a tenant can afford the rent, but also informs you of their past credit and employment history and previous dealings with former landlords 

Letting agents know the referencing process inside out. If you go it alone, you may miss vital information and find yourself in trouble later.

2)    Ignoring Right to Rent rules

If you’ve skipped the referencing stage, or not checked proof of identity records properly, you could face hefty fines if your tenant is found to be illegally living in the UK.

3)    No references from previous landlords and/or employers

If a previous landlord reports that the tenant was late with rent or damaged the property, you can avoid a lot of hassle.

If you’ve got a rental and need help finding trustworthy tenants, contact us today.





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