Job Relocation: What You Need To Consider If You’Re Moving Out Of Thanet
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Landing the perfect job is a dream for most, but what if that opportunity is in a different part of the country? Or abroad? If this is the case, relocation may be the only solution. Selling your home when you need to move out of Thanet isn’t easy. You’ve got the start date of your new job to consider, selling your property quickly, the general hassle of moving, finding somewhere new in an unfamiliar area… the list seems endless.

Be prepared

Just like the old Scouting motto, a big move takes preparation. For example, if you need to move before your original property has sold, you might need some extra cash in the short term as you’ll be paying two sets of bills. This also goes for costs such as removal companies and legal fees.

Also, if you’ve moved ahead of a sale, be prepared to come back and forth while everything is sorted out.

Be flexible

Time pressure is a pain. And if you’ve got your new job’s start date looming, you might be feeling stressed. So, the first thing to ask yourself is: can you afford to move into temporary accommodation while your property is on the market? If you’ve got a family, can you move ahead of them? It’s important to be as flexible as possible in this situation.

Selling a property takes time. Once you’ve got a buyer, there are legal issues to deal with, there might be a chain to consider, and it’s inevitable that something totally unexpected will come up to derail things.

Quick sale

There are things you can do to ensure your home is sale-ready:

  • Keep the interior clutter-free and presentable
  • Do minor repairs
  •        Depersonalise
  •         Keep it neutral
  •      Tidy up the outside areas

Speak to us about an achievable purchase price. If you need to move quickly, holding out for the highest price might hold you back. By setting a price you’re happy with – not necessarily the highest – you can get things moving faster.

Other options

Do you really need to sell?

Can you afford to rent out your existing property to generate an additional income?

Or is selling the only option?

Renting your property gives you a plan B if the new job doesn’t work out, but you will need to consider things such as managing the property and additional tax responsibilities.

If you need advice on selling your home due to relocation for work, contact us today.



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