Is Your Estate Agent The Reason Your Thanet Home Won’T Sell?
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Lack of marketing 

If your home isn’t being promoted properly, you’ll not only struggle to sell, but there could be lots of potential buyers who haven’t even seen your property listing.


A good agent should produce a detailed, accurate listing with clearly marked floor plans, photographs and key factors outlined. This includes information such as proximity to schools, transport links, potential to extend and other selling points.


As well as being listed online, estate agents should proactively contact potential buyers and sing your property’s praises. You’ll also want the listing placed in their shop front window for maximum exposure.


Inaccurate pricing 

We all want to sell our properties for as much as possible, but inaccurate pricing can kill off buyer interest quicker than you think.

An over-inflated purchase price won’t lead to success, so make sure you do your research into recent sold prices in the area. Similarly, be wary if an agent suggests lowering your asking price. While this could be a response to a genuine lack of interest, it may also be a lazy way to sell your home quickly. It’s easy to check sold prices online, so make sure you do.

Lacklustre viewings 

Generally, it’s not a good idea to stick around if an agent has booked a viewing. But if this is the 20th viewing and you still don’t have an offer, stay put and listen to how they’re selling your property.

Are they engaged and knowledgeable? Can they answer the buyer’s questions? If not, maybe it is time to switch.

A good agent will be passionate and keen to sell. They should be able to talk about the specifics of your home and easily answer questions (or offer to get the information as soon as possible if they can’t).

If your home is on the market and you’re thinking about switching agents, Cooke & Co Estate and Letting Agents can help. Give us a call on 08143 231833 today.



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