Happy Halloween
31/10/2023 1303
Cooke & Co HAlloween Poem

🎃 Cooke & Co Halloween Poem 🎃

👻 In Margate, Broadstairs, and Ramsgate so fair,

🕸 Something was stirring; you'd best be aware. 🕷

💀 Cooke & Co Estate Agents, known far and wide,

🎃 Were ready for Halloween, couldn't be denied. 🌕

👽 Roger the Boardman, as a mummy wrapped tight,

🌒 Nailed up the boards in the dead of the night. 🌓

🧟‍♂️ And Andrew in Accounts, a zombie so fine,

💰 Counted beans and spare change, to the last dime. 🪙

🐺 In Margate on sales, things were getting quite real,

🌕 Justin was a werewolf, making clients a deal. 🌖

🧙‍♀️ Rachel, a witch, stirred her cauldron with glee,

🦇 While Sarah and Emma were vampiresses, you see. 🦇

🔮 And then there's Vicki, stern Sales Progression Queen,

✨ Dressed as a sorceress, she was rarely seen. 🌟

🗡 With a flick of her wand, she kept sales on the track,

📜 Making sure all the contracts were tightly packed. 🖋

😱 In lettings at Margate, oh what a sight,

👹 Kirsty, a banshee, wailed into the night. 🌌

👻 Kelly was a ghost, floating through halls,

🐍 Laura as Medusa, had clients in thralls. 🐍

👺 Harry was a goblin, shifty and quick,

🌾 Michelle a scarecrow, made out of old sticks. 🌽

🦇 In Broadstairs and Ramsgate, Jay turned to a bat,

🐱 Alex was a Cheshire Cat, grinning like that. 😺

🧚 Eliza, a fairy, sprinkled magical dust,

🎩 While Charles, a magician, earned everyone's trust. 🪄

🧛‍♂️ At the helm of it all, Damien stood tall,

👑 As the head monster, he was the scariest of all. 🎃

🧛‍♂️ With cape and with fangs, he led his ghoulish crew,

🏚 Selling haunted estates was what they'd do. 🕸

🏠 So if you're house hunting on this Halloween eve,

👀 Come down to Cooke & Co, if you dare to believe. 🌕

🏡 For in this fine agency, a secret's unfurled:

👻 The best in the business, for the whole underworld! 👻

Halloween Poem

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