2024 Thanet Home Style Forecast: Embracing New Interior Design Trends
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2024 Thanet Home Style Forecast: Embracing New Interior Design Trends

2024 Thanet Home Style Forecast: Embracing New Interior Design Trends

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Is your Thanet home ripe for a refresh? 

Are you itching to ditch dated décor and breathe new life into your property? 

If so, take inspiration from these top interior design trends.


Don’t just think about how your home looks; consider how it feels. Bobbly cushions, plush rugs and fluffy throws help create a cosy atmosphere. Bouclé, velvet and leather are just some of the materials that can add interest.

The colour brown (yes, really) 

All-white interiors are out, and brown is in. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go overboard or opt for a dark shade. Instead, add small pops of warm, earthy tones, such as caramel, rust or amber to create a sense of earthiness and cosiness.

Now you see it, now you don’t have office furniture

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated home office, the next best thing is the hideaway desk or bureau. The idea is that it serves as a functional place to work during the day, but when you clock off, you can close the doors so that it looks like a standard cupboard or cabinet. 

Lava stone

Lava stone is durable, resistant to temperature changes and available in lots of pretty colours. So, no wonder it’s becoming a popular choice for countertops and tiles in high-end homes and restaurants. It’s made from volcanic rock glazed with enamel and fired at a super high temperature. The finish is glossy but with an attractive, crackled effect. The only downside is the cost – lava stone falls into the same price bracket as marble.


Metallics have been trending for years, but previously, it was all about gold and brass. Now, silver is having a moment.Silver pendant lights, steel splashbacks and chrome tap fittings look modern and fresh and work well with wood and marble.

Dopamine décor

The phrase ‘dopamine décor’ went viral last year and looks set to generate just as much interest in 2024. It’s all about adding colour and joyful touches to our homes to help lift our mood. Dopamine décor is not for minimalists but for those who love vivid colours, bold prints and quirky one-off pieces.

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