10 Unbelievable Easter Traditions From Around The Globe - #7 Will Shock You!
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Easter Traditions Around the World

Discover 10 Astonishing Ways Easter is Celebrated Globally

Happy Easter 10 Traditions

In the UK, Easter might mean hot cross buns and chocolate egg hunts, but across the world, traditions can be vastly different.

1. Finland: Witches on the Prowl

In an intriguing twist to Easter, Finnish children take to the streets dressed as witches, brandishing willow branches adorned with colourful decorations, in exchange for sweets, while bestowing blessings to keep evil at bay.

2. Papua New Guinea: A Tobacco Twist

Swapping chocolate for tobacco, the people of Papua New Guinea conceal cigarettes in trees around churches. Post-service, the congregation embarks on a unique hunt for these hidden items.

3. Greece: Symbolic Red Eggs

Easter in Greece sees the serving of hard-boiled eggs dyed red, symbolising Christ's blood, with the egg embodying rebirth. A communal egg-cracking ritual represents the opening of Christ's tomb.

4. Norway: Easter Crime Spree

The chilling tradition of Påskekrim sees Norwegians indulging in crime fiction during Easter, a custom originating from a 1923 book advertisement mistaken for a real crime report.

5. Spain: Passionate Parades

Spain is renowned for its solemn Holy Week processions, with elaborate floats and costumes depicting scenes from the Passion of Christ, drawing participants and spectators from across the nation.

6. Italy: 'Explosive' Celebrations in Florence

The Scoppio del Carro, or "Explosion of the Cart", is a centuries-old Florentine event where a cart packed with fireworks is ignited to ensure a good harvest, symbolising peace and prosperity.

7. Sweden: Mini Halloween

Swedes celebrate Easter with a twist reminiscent of Halloween; children dress up as Easter witches, visiting houses with drawings and paintings in hopes of receiving sweets in return.

8. Poland: Wet Monday

Easter Monday in Poland is known as Śmigus-Dyngus, or Wet Monday, where the tradition is to drench each other with water, once thought to bring health and prosperity for the coming year.

9. Hungary: Water Sprinkling

Similarly, in Hungary, the "Watering of the Girls" is a playful Easter custom where girls are sprinkled with water, a gesture that's believed to promote fertility and ward off evil spirits.

10. France: Flying Bells

French children eagerly await the return of the "Easter bells" from Rome, bringing with them chocolates and sweets. According to tradition, all church bells in France fly to the Vatican on Good Friday and return laden with treats on Easter Sunday.

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