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Thanet's Unprecedented £5.08 Billion Legacy: Navigating Through The Generational Wealth Maze
As spring 2024 unfolds, Thanet faces a £5.08 billion Baby Boomer inheritance. But with Gen X and Millennials at the crossroads, can this windfall address their housing and retirement dreams amidst rising healthcare costs?
04/04/2024 690
Should You List Your Thanet Home Before Hunting For A New One?
If your dreams of buying a new home are tied to the sale of your existing property, you have a crucial decision to make. Should you list your property first or hunt for a new one before listing? Here are four compelling reasons to consider listing first.
05/10/2023 1001
Why A DIY Tenancy Agreement Could Be Disastrous For Thanet Landlords
In this week’s lettings article, we look at the dangers of a DIY tenancy agreement and why landlords should always use an agent.
15/08/2023 1990
Why Self-Managing Your Thanet Rental Could Be A Costly Mistake
This week’s lettings article looks at the true cost of self-managing a rental property.
09/08/2023 1561