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Unlock The Secrets Of Deposit Deductions: Essential Guide For Thanet Landlords
Discover what Thanet landlords need to know about deposit deductions. Learn how to avoid disputes, understand fair wear and tear, and ensure you're not claiming more than necessary. Get expert advice from Cooke & Co Estate and Letting Agents.
08/07/2024 332
Warning: Danger Ahead! The Rental Red Flags Thanet Landlords Should Heed
Landlords, beware! Identifying potential red flags is crucial to avoid troublesome tenants. From dodgy deals to dubious excuses, learn the warning signs to protect your rental investment. Discover expert advice from Cooke & Co Estate and Letting Agents.
03/07/2024 432
11 Essential Steps To Make Moving Out Of Your Thanet Rental Stress-Free!
Moving out of a rental property in Thanet can be stressful, but with our comprehensive checklist, you can ensure a smooth transition. Follow these 11 essential steps to leave your rental in top condition and secure your deposit.
26/06/2024 400
Summer Security: 5 Essential Steps To Protect Your Thanet Property As A Landlord!
Discover key security measures landlords in Thanet can take to protect their properties during the summer. Learn about upgrading locks, smart security systems, lighting practices, safe social media habits, and regular maintenance to ensure tenant safety and property security.
19/06/2024 256
Why Regulatory Compliance Is The Biggest Headache For Thanet Landlords (And How To Overcome It)
Discover why regulatory compliance is the top concern for Thanet landlords and learn practical strategies to tackle this challenge. Stay informed, organized, and compliant with tips from Cooke & Co Estate and Letting Agents. Protect your investment and sleep soundly.
17/05/2024 426
2024 Thanet Buy-To-Let Forecast: Surprising Trends & Predictions Revealed!
Dive into the future of Thanet's Buy-to-Let sector with our comprehensive 2024 forecast! This year brings fresh opportunities and challenges for landlords, and we're here to unpack it all.
27/12/2023 1310
Tis Is For Thanet Landlords – Show Your Tenants You Care This Christmas
Landlords are often portrayed as Grinch-like characters. Devoid of fun, lacking humanity, and relentlessly greedy. In our experience, working with dozens of landlords across Thanet, this Scrooge stereotype simply isn’t true. In fact, we often get contacted by generous landlords seeking ideas to spread a little Christmas cheer to their tenants. Find out more below in our latest December lettings article.
16/12/2023 1064
A Thanet Landlord’S Guide To Finding Tradespeople You Can Trust
This week’s lettings article offers landlords tips on finding tradespeople they can trust.
03/10/2023 1678
The Emergence Of Accidental Thanet Landlords In A Slowing Housing Market
A Thanet landlord remarked to me the other day that he felt that there were more 'posher' up-market properties coming up for rent in the last six months compared to a couple of years ago. I stated that this was the case, and it wasn't all down to the recent rental growth – it was the growth of the upmarket 'accidental landlord'. Find out more in my latest article.
24/08/2023 1732
Why A DIY Tenancy Agreement Could Be Disastrous For Thanet Landlords
In this week’s lettings article, we look at the dangers of a DIY tenancy agreement and why landlords should always use an agent.
15/08/2023 1999