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What Affects The Value Of Your Thanet Property?
If you’re planning to sell your property, the first question that you’ll inevitably ask is how much it’s worth. Your home may be invaluable to you and your loved ones, but it’s also got a market value. But how is a property valued? Is there a magic formula? How does an agent decide its worth? And why might your property be valued less than the house two doors down? In this quick read, we look at different factors that affect the value of your property.
06/01/2023 12:00 AM 888
Is Your Estate Agent The Reason Your Thanet Home Won’T Sell?
If your home is on the market, you’re probably in a constant state of anticipation. Will this viewing be the one? Are you going to get your asking price? Will you need to accept a lower offer? We bet there are lots of questions and scenarios running through your head. But if you’re not getting enough interest in your home or if it has been on the market for ages, is it time to switch agents? Recent research by Rightmove found that underperforming agents are one of the key reasons why properties don’t sell. In this quick read, we look at a few red flags to watch out for when waiting for a sale.
07/09/2022 12:00 AM 878
Why Does It Take 120 Days To Get The Keys When You Buy A Thanet House?
• 1,794 properties have sold in the Thanet area in the last 12 months. • It only takes 54 days to sell a Thanet home, so why does it take 120 days from the sold board going up to the buyer getting the keys? • With a shortage of solicitors and a sub-standard conveyancing system, this article discusses what Thanet house sellers (and buyers) can do to speed up the house buying process.
04/04/2022 12:00 AM 876
What Thanet Buyers And Sellers Need To Know About Compromise
This two-minute read looks at the, sometimes inevitable, part compromise plays in many property transactions.
03/02/2022 12:00 AM 914